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The Gloves Inspired by the human body designed for who requires a high level of protection with totally unrestricted movement.Innovative curved finger design fits the natural shape of the hand.Pro Training Gloves engineered with Loop & Hook Wrist Wrap Gloves stabilizes the wrist with adjustable but gentle pressure,keeping the wrist in the proper position while training. The glove features an anatomically cut palm with gel padding underneath the suede surface for added comfort and grip strength.Innovative curved finger design offers a natural,flexible,and comfortable fit unique flex fabrics remain supple and comfortable,extended fingers maximize hand protection.

This glove is the perfect solution if you need extra support while weight training to protect a weak or injured wrist.The wrist wrap support provides superior wrist stabilization during heavier lifts,curls,etc.Double stitching throughout ensures quality construction and durability.

Choose size according to the following table
Wash care instructions
1. Avoid washing mixed with other clothes,to prevent staining;
2. Suggest hand wash,do not machine wash or dry clean or dry;
3. Do not wash in hot water,when the temperature over 68 degrees Celsius will destroy the fiber structure,damage to the product;
4. Do not bleach,or use the detergent containing bleaching ingredients.It is recommended to use mild and neutral detergent;
5. Do not use a softener,softener can destroy fiber structure,damage to the product.

1. Do not use on trauma.People who easy to suffer from dermatitis and sensitive to rubber or cross infection should wear it with caution,wear during sleep is not recommended.
2. If there is a rash or other questions,please stop using and consult your doctor advice.
3. Regular cleaning can keep clean and avoid the skin discomfort caused by the salt eliminate from your body.
4. We suggest to clean before the first use,and the first washing may slight discoloration.

Package includes
1 pair of gloves


Color Pink Size S, Color Black Size L, Color Black Size M, Color Black Size S, Color Grey Size L, Color Grey Size M, Color Grey Size S, Color Pink Size L, Color Pink Size M


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