Sports Gym Weight Lifting Wrist Support Protector


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Material: Superfine fiber, nylon , magic tape

Color: Black
Size: See as picture
Made with cotton for optimal comfort and support.
Perfect for sport lover, pushing movements such as weight lifting, dumbbell and barbell etc.
Very effective training aid that can double the intensity of your exercise and relief pain.
Different kinds of tension exercises, such as dumbbell, standing on the pull, pull-up all need the group participation of the body's biggest muscle, but the forearm muscles which is responsible for grasping are weak.In training often meet such a case, the back has not been fully challenge, but the forearm muscles have insisted on not to live,which affect the back muscle training effect. In this case, lifting straps help solve the problem effectively.
Package Includes:
1 X A Pair Of Weight Lifting Support



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