Sports Ball Game Boxing Mouthguard Lip Protection Mouth Guard


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Material: Superior Silicone
Color: Green, Blue, Transparent

How to use:
You can cut the size freely according to your own teeth type.
For your first using, you need to finalize the design. Put the mouthguard in hot water of 80-85 degrees for about 10 seconds, and makes it become soft.
Put it into the user's mouth, then gently bite the mouthguard with upper and lower teeth for half minutes. Using cold water to rinse after fully finalize the design.
With clean water to rinse after each using. Suggest to replace every 3 months to keep healthy.
Suitable for football, hockey, baseball,etc high intensity exercise to protect teeth.

Package Includes:
1 X Mouthguard


Color Blue, Color Green, Color Transparent


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