Sport Fitness Health Care Ankle Brace Support Protector


Made of soft elasticated material
Color: Beige
Crowd: Unisex
Size :  Medium , Large , Small
Quantity: 1
Applicable symptoms :
Easy to Wear Ankle. Support for Almost any Sports.
Retains body heat to stimulate blood flow and accelerate healing.
Provides Therapeutic Warmth and Compression,
Which can aid in the Recovery of tired and sore muscles.
Suitable for all sports and athletic activities.
Support gives pain and stress relief for everyday use.
Provides warmth, compression and support to injured ankle.
Suitable for minor sprains and strains and arthritis pain.
Ideal for the healing and prevention of sporting injuries.
Ideal for all and those with a daily active lifestyle.
Measuring bare joints (the smallest of the lower leg)  in circumference, Comparison the following dimensions to determine the size
Bare knuckle perimeter :
S: 16 –  19 cm,  M: 19- 22 cm,  L: 22 – 25 cm
Care instructions:
Avoid mixing with other clothes washing, to prevent staining; Don't wash in high temperature water.
Do not bleach or use detergent containing bleach component, it is recommended to use a mild neutral detergent;
Regular cleaning to keep the skin clean and relieve physical discomfort caused by salt exclusion.
Package includes:
1X Ankle Brace Support 

Size L, Size M, Size S


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