Shoulder Magnetic Support Back Heat Heating Belt Wraps Sport



Shoulder Magnetic Support Back Brace Heat Heating Belt Wraps Sports

The flexible belt on arm makes it can be used on different range of arms.
It produces heat quickly,doesn't need any energy resource. Reliable quality and low repair rate.It is very convenient and can be used anytime.
Use a clean wet towel wipe the middle heating part,and then fix the belt on the shoulder. You will feel warm after 30 minutes. When heating,it will dissolve and eliminate fat in body.
It contains negativeion, FIR stone, and magnets. It can eliminate swelling and pain, promote blood circulation, and ease shoulder pain.

Applicable people:
People with periarthritis, shoulder muscle soreness, scapular pain, neck and back pain and other symptoms.
General use 1-3 times one day, every time 1-3 hours (can be adjusted according to actual situation).

Color: Black
Size: See as picture
Material: Lycra,nylon fabric,magnet

The product can be repeated washing use, avoid to use detergent (powder),direct water scrub, avoid long bubble washing. It is strictly prohibited to intrusion water bubble wash.

Package includes:
1 x Shoulder Support Back Brace 


Color Black


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