Safety Adjustable Sport Wristband Wrist Brace Protector


Material: neoprene and thick comfy cotton
Color: Black
Dimension: About 25 X 7.6 CM

Pressurized wrister can prevent or treatment of wrist sprain,abrasion to palms, prevent damage, with a bandage can paste everywhere.
Size can be adjust,protect the wrist and suitable for all kinds of sports.
Excellent for barbell, dumbbell and chinning bar exercises.
Unique design takes the burden of heavy weight off your fingers and transfers it to your back, shoulders, arms and traps.
Lined with shock-absorbent neoprene padding which enhances stability.
Lifting hooks are designed to relieve stress on your hands and wrists, regardless of the weight you're lifting.
Groove design are sustainable adjust collocation heat and humidity,the diamond design more strapped to the body makes uniform stress,strengthen the interaction of the gear and muscles,with exercise effective dynamic protection and long time wearing comfort.

Package includes:
1 X Wrist Brace Protector


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