Neoprene Adjustable Therapy Magnetic Elbow Support


Color: Black
Size: As picture
Outer layer: Composite elastic force fabrics, elastic good, comfortable to wear, self-adhesive style and easy to wearing,  solid paste, not  easy deformation.
Middle layer: Mosaic Disk layer (2 pieces permanent magnet Disk)

Do not long soak, bleach,  exposure.
This product can be repeated washing, avoid use of detergents (powder), direct use of water wash, don‘t affect product efficacy.
In the body temperature excited, through functions of transferring catalyst, heat sensitive materials can immediate reaction heat.

Joint pain, elbow arthritis, osteoarthritis, elbow muscle aches, wrist chronic injury, writing spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, and so on.

Promote the body metabolism, regulate the nervous system and activat endocrine. Analgesic eradicates cold, dilation of blood vessels. Relieve fatigue and pain.

Put the protective gear directly fixed to the affected area of the skin, when the skin temperature  reaches heating, you can feel the apparent thermal, that was the magnetic fabric layer in  treat the sites of the patient .

Package includes:
1 X Elbow Support


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