Magnetic Therapy Wrist Protector Wristbands


Color: Black
Material: 30% rubber,30% wool surface,25% moisture absorption perspire fiber and 15% lycra
Dimension:31cm X 7cm

To promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation.
Enhance metabolism,improve immune function.
Increase the sweat,increase the brain wave,relieve fatigue.
Have antiphlogistic,detumescence and analgesic effects.
Negative ions has stable autonomic nerve,sympathetic nerve control,improve the effect of sleep.
Negative ions can fresh air and removal of formal dehyde,benzene,ammonia and other harmful substances, eliminate odor.
Activates the biological macromolecules,thus biological macromolecules regulate the body's metabolism immune function,is beneficial to the body function recovery and balance,to achieve the purpose of prevention and cure.
Negative ions enters the body through breathing,skin,adjust the pH value of the blood,make it become alkalescence.Alkaline ions have the function of the surfactant,make the cholesterol in the blood vessels to form colloid dispersed,reduce blood flocculation,lower blood pressure.

Method of use:
First  wet rubbing the fever part with wet cloth,then fixed in the affected part.
Generally about 30 minutes you will feel obvious thermal.
According to the personal body situation to decided how long to wear.If you feel skin burns while using,it is normal.Please take off temporarily will not damage the skin.
Also can be used without wet,but it would take a long time to fever.
The product can be repeated washing use, avoid to use detergent (powder), direct water scrub, avoid long bubble washing.
It is strictly prohibited to intrusion water bubble wash.

Package includes:
1X A Pair Of Wristbands


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