Magnetic Therapy Spontaneous Heat Wristbands Wrist Protector


Color: Black
Size (approx) : 30 x 7cm (L x W)
High elastic fiber cloth, fine texture, soft handle.
Free adjustment oppression of the wrist.
Adjustable velcro straps ensure a comfortable fit and stabilization.
Support offers all day comfort, protects against scrapes and bruises.
Helps to treat sprains, strains, arthritis, wrist chronic injury and writing spasms.
Design in line with the thumb root shape,will not affect the harmony of holding ball rod,racket,golf clubs and so on.
Thumb hole allowing for perfect grip and simply wraps around the wrist, held in place with a touch and close finish.
Magnetic therapy increase blood flow and help relieve pain associated with joint and back problems.
Magnetic heating effect helping to relax muscles and reduces fatigue.
Wipe the tourmaline function fabric with wet cloth to get a better effect.
Put the tourmaline function fabric close to the wrist, fixed on the location that needs physical therapy.
Appropriately adjust elasticity, tighten the Velcro.
(Please according to your skin feel decided to wear the length of time.)
Do not use on trauma. People who easy to suffer from dermatitis and sensitive to rubber or cross infection should wear it with caution,wear during sleep is not recommended.
If there is a rash or other questions,please stop using and consult your doctor advice.
Regular cleaning can keep clean and avoid the skin discomfort caused by the salt eliminate from your body.
We suggest to clean before the first use,and the first washing may slight discoloration.
Suggest hand wash with mild and neutral detergent. Do not long time soak, bleach, exposure.
Maintenance instruction:
Keep in a dry ventilated place.
Keep away from direct sunshine.
Keep clean.
Avoid ironing.
Do not immerse for a long time.
Clean the surface with a wet cloth and gently rub.
Keep away from ore iodide products and magnetic fields in case of magnetization.
Package Includes:
1 x Wrist Protector



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