Magnetic Therapy Back Shoulder Posture Support


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Material: polyester,latex,and PVC
Color: White
Waist: About 70~80cm ( strap is adjustable elastic )
Great for people who working on long.
Easy to use and comfortable, elastic,magic tape.
It can prevent teenagers' habitual contain thoracic kyphosis etc. poor posture.
Prevent spinal deformation: which can effectively prevent non-pathological kyphosis and scoliosis, correction bad posture of young people under the dynamic and static state,strongly helps the body keep right sit, stand,and walk posture.
Alleviate body fatigue: It can make the body shoulder, back, waist and abdomen balanced stress, relieve muscle fatigue, protect the security of waist and back, make the body to maintain natural straight,and form the best state.
This magnetic back support correction posture mainly rely on mechanics principle, it has far infrared health care layer and magnetic massage head in cervical vertebra and lumbar area,which can promote blood circulation, eliminate back and shoulder pain,and prevent rachis deformation,so that realize the effect of staying in good shape.
Package Includes:
1 x Back Shoulder Posture Support



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