Magnetic Shoulder Support Strap Neoprene Brace Injury Arthritis Pain



Material:SBR breathable material and nylon-jersey
M(suitable for 170–180cm)
L(suitable for 180–195cm)

The magnetic supports are widely used to warm,heal and support the painful areas.They aid in reducing stiffiness,improving the blood circulation and heightening the blood oxygen levels.Magnet therapy is also beneficial for healing broken bones and ulcers.

A. Heat treatment:
Warm and humidity heat treatment is most important for coaches,rehabilitation physician to treat the injured joints and tendons.Can be completely fit closely to the use site,prevent heat loss,relieve pain, accelerate to heal.
B. Promote the blood circulation:
Promote the blood circulation of use site muscle organization,the effect is very beneficial to the treatment of arthritis and joint pain.In addition,good blood circulation can play more muscular movement function,reduce injuries.
C. Support effect:
Can act as another layer of muscles and ligaments,in order to reduce external pressure or moderate the impact and dramatic twist that tendons and joints suffered suddenly.It's superior support performance are particularly effective for sports protective and to avoid related activities damage.
D. Oppression effect:
Oppression and hot compress is often used in joints and muscles damage,and the treatment of pain.
E. Good scalability,durable,wear comfortable:
All around scalability,good supporting effect and uniform stress,were superior to common gear.And repeatedly washing in it's life span can still keep its characteristics.

1. Do not use on trauma.People who easy to suffer from dermatitis and sensitive to rubber or cross infection should wear it with caution,wear during sleep is not recommended.
2. If there is a rash or other questions,please stop using and consult your doctor advice.
3. Regular cleaning can keep clean and avoid the skin discomfort caused by the salt eliminate from your body.
4. We suggest to clean before the first use,and the first washing may slight discoloration.

Package includes:
1 x magnetic shoulder support.


Size L, Size M


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