Healthcare Medical Eye Maintenance Eye Patch


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Size (approx): 8 X 7cm
Color: Black
Washable, Medical eye patch, cover the right or left eye on your choice.
Made from superior polyester fabric, skin use safely fabric.
Soft and adjustable stretchy rope for more free wearing.
Exquisite workmanship surface, smooth touch.
Smooth cutting edge, comfortable wear.
Simple and effective treatment method for amblyopia and astigmatism.
Special groove design, eyes can close or open inside it, have no pressure on eyes, more comfortable.
Cover one eye and training the another poor eyesight eyes.
Cover single eye or take turns to covering  two eyes when necessary.
The eye patch should be hand washed with mild detergent, and do not rub it vigorously.
For your health we suggested that  wash it weekly and replace the eye patch every three month.
Package includes:
1 X Eye patch



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