Gilt Bronze Tibetan Yoga Singing Bowl Buddhist Resonance Chakra Meditation With Hammered


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The Buddha called turning bowl, the use of special ring made of copper. The Buddha bowl around is engraved with Arabic script, bowl bottom pattern means good luck. It comes with mahogany bar to rotate around the edge of the bowl can emit nature "Om – Om -" sound, their rich sonic vibrations alter space, mind, and time.The sound volume can be freely control according to people’s own feeling.The sound will be bigger if contain water, the water inside the pot began to boil, forming a fine spray, like ballet, like jump, very exciting looking, but did not affect the sound. It's suitable for meditation, yoga practice, chakra and personal well-being.
Material: Copper
Category: Bowl
Process: Handcraft
Religion: Buddhism
Accessories: A Mahogany Stick

Package Included:
1 X Bowl
1 X Mahogany Stick
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