Fitness Yoga Balance Stability Air Cushion Wobble Dis With Pump Keep Fit


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– Thickening materials and explosion-proof technology, environmental non-toxic, massage rubber nail design, exercise balance capacity.
– Non-slip massage point, in the load-bearing range of any use, environmentally friendly and durable.
– Double-sided massage pad design, spikes and small bumps, suitable for different massage needs.
– Balance pad can exercise people's athletic ability, strengthen the core of the people and the core strength.
– In yoga, aerobics, fitness can help to coordinate the balance of people.
– Through the balance pad above the massage point, to stimulate the body acupuncture points, with massage effect, people comfortable, reduce fatigue, you can massage the back, buttocks, feet and other parts.
– Applicable to children's development, often sitting in the office, easy to drive backache career, often standing doctors, sales staff, attendants and other occupations.

Inflatable Operation:
-1. put the mat up, hold away from the inflatable mouth of the place, so that the air inside the inflatable mouth pressure, drum up
-2. Then the needle is inserted into the 3/4 needle length position, and the needle is inactive and can not come into contact with the bottom
-3. until full, pull out the pump can be
-4. Inflate complete

Item Type: Yoga Balance Cushion
Material: PVC
Color: Blue, Purple, Grey
Diameter: Approx. 33cm/12.9"
Weight: About 953g

Package Included:
1 x Yoga Balance Cushion
1 x Air pump