Fitness Health Care Soft Neck Support Protector Brace


Material: Soft Firm Foam
Color: Beige
Quantity: 1pc
Neck size: ( Length X Wide X Thickness)
Small: About 44.5 X 9 X 2.5 cm
Medium: About 49 X 9 X 2.5 cm
Large: About 54 X 9 X  2.5cm


Medium-firm density Breathable.
Deeply anatomically contoured.
Supports cervical vertebra in correct position.
Support the neck and head to relieve pain.
Used for the relief of muscle tension and minor neck injuries.
Provides warming effect and soft massage.
Foam provides softness and comfort during usage.
Velcro buckle closure for easy and tight adjustment, neck size  can be adjustable.

Applicable symptoms:
If you have to use a computer or a cell phone for a long period of time
If you have to keep focused on your work for a long period of time
If you have problems such as tense nerves, poor blood circulation, or stiffness and neck pains.
If you are weakly resistant to illnesses and catch colds easily.
If you have a stressful life style and want to relax and regain your energy.
If you have an irregular life style and are often sleepless.
If you are fond of sports and want to develop your sport fitness.
Package includes:
1X Neck Support

Size L, Size M, Size S


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