Finger Wrist Support Unisex Sports Clothing Gloves


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Color: Black
Material: Synthetic rubber sealed bubble foam and nylon
Style:Left/Right hand
Size: see as the picture

Thumb position enclosed spring support chip design can strengthen the thumb tendon in the activities of the process of applying support ability, effectively prevent the thumb muscles make excessive stretch, also can effect on thumb joint pain or discomfort mother hand protective;The joints of traditional neoprene material have basic insulation effect on tendons.

Finger wrist support design sustainable adjust the heat and humidity, diamond design collocation, can break in parts of the body more uniform stress, strengthen the interaction of the gear and muscles, provide exercise effective dynamic protection and long time wearing comfort.

Applicable symptoms:
A.Radial styloid process of tendon
B.Thumb joint sprain/strain arthur
C.MC joint damage
D.Thumb pain
or other proffessional sport training

Package includes:
1 x Finger wrist support (please choose which style you want)


Direction Left, Direction Right


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