Electronic Vibrating Heating Slimming Slim Massage Belt Lose Weight Abdomen Waist Back Exercise Massager


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To massage the abdomen, waist, back, thigh and shank comfortably with the effects similar to that of manual massage.
Accelerate blood circulation, relax muscular tissue to alleviate fatigue and pain from work and life by fantastic vibration and far infrared heating function.
Super-powerful vibration magnetic wave and heat emission are able to penetrate subcutaneous tissue as far as 4-7 mm and then decompose grease into small pieces to help you lose weight and realize your long-cherished dream of having attractive figure in an effective and healthy way.
Material: PU, polyester, electronic board
Input Voltage: AC110-240V 50/60HZ
Output: DC 12V 1A
Plug Standard: EU plug(220V)
Adapter: We will send you an adapter (this is just plug adapter, not transformer's adapter) according to your living country
Total Length of Massage Belt: 130cm+50cm
Width of Belt: 15cm
Package Included:
1 X Slimming Massage Belt
1 X Measuring Tape
1 X Power Adapter(EU plug)
1 X Carry Bag
1 X User's Manual
How To Use It?
ON/OFF: Green light shows working mode, red light shows stop working.
AUTO: Click this button to exchange between automatic mode, manual mode and stop mode.
Note: under the automatic mode, you can’t adjust vibration intensity.
HEAT: Heat function

Do not use it within 30 minutes before or after meal.
One treatment: 10-15 minutes. Maximum 3 times per day.
You might feel skin itch after the first usage. After rest, the skin reaction will disappear, so don’t worry about this .
Remember the turn off heat function, when you feel the heat is enough.


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