Digital Skipping Jump Rope Calorie Timer LCD Jumping Rope


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Digital Cordless Skipping Jump Rope Calorie Timer 3M LCD Jumping Rope Fitness Sport Equipment

Material : ABS hands / PVC rope
Features : Count, timer, count alarm, timer alarm, clock, calorie, fat, save mode
Handle Size : 184.5 x 27 x 30 mm
Unit Product Weight:122g.
Rope length: 3M
Product Color: Blue,blak,gray
Imprint Size : H. 8 x L.44 mm
Battery Type : Button cell LR44x 1pc
Battery Life : over 1 year

Intelligent jump has five modes, each mode has an icon to show.
Press [MODE] to change the mode.
1. Clock mode: display the time.
2. Timer mode: if you set exercise time, LCD display the time remained.
3. Count mode: shows how many times you have jumped.
4. Calorie mode: display the calorie burned (Kcal)
5. Fat mode: display the fat reduced (g)

You can only set one plan, that is time or count.
When you finish your plan, the jump rope will sound alert .
Press any key to stop alert.

Package includes:
1 x Jump rope
1 x Manual


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