Chronograph Digital Timer Stopwatch Counter Wristwatch


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Sports Digital Stopwatch Chronograph Timer
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Professional Sports Chronograph Digital timer stopwatch show hour, minute, second, AM/PM indicator, month, data, and day of the week
You can select 12 or 24 hour user with Chronograph Stopwatches
1/100 second Chronograph up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
Timer Stopwatches alarm with 4 minutes snooze
Hourly chime
Powered by one AG13 button cell
Sizej of the digital stopwatches: ~7.6 x 5.2 x 1.8cm(L*W*D)
Weight: 67g

Package Included:
1 x Stopwatch


Sport Watch count timer mode:
Press button MODE once it turns into Sports Watch count timer mode;if it does not display 0. Press button START to stop count time,press button SET to reset. Then press button START to start Sport Watch count timer,press button START again to stop.(Same as START/STOP); press button SET to reset.

Double Count Timer Mode:
Press button START to start count timer.
Press button SET to memory first count time,(Note: When Sport Watch under the first count timer mode, normal time else works) Press button SET again, it adds first count time and continue Sport Watch count time.(Under double count timer mode press button SET two times),press button START to stop, press button SET to reset.

Display Double Count timer:
Press button START to start count time, press button SET to display first count time, press button START again to stop; Press button SET again to display second count time ,then press button SET to reset.

Display Time Calendar Week and Alarm time:
Press button MODE to into normal time mode, press button START to display Month Day Week; press button SET to display Alarm time; press button START and SET at same time to chime alarm, and to On/Off alarm.

Time and Day Setting:
Under normal time mode,press button MODE three times, the Second and Week flash and the unit into time set mode;press button START to adjust(Push on button START can adjust fast.),Press button SET again and again to set the Second Minute Hour Day Month Week(A/P mines 12hour mode, and A mines AM, P mines PM;H mines 24 hour mode), over setting ,Press button MODE into normal time mode.

Alarm time setting:
Under normal time mode,press button MODE two times, the Time and Week flash andthe unit into Alarm time set mode. Then press button SET to set Time Minute, then press button START to adjust. Press button MODE into normal time mode.

Note:This spotwatch is splashproof,not for swiming, shower and rain.




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