Adjustable Neoprene Gel Knee Support Protector


Color: Black
Material: Neoprene, foam rubber and nylon
Dimension: as the picture shows

It ensures good moisture transfer and optimal temperature regulation.
Experience neoprene knee support with gel Inserts and fibre Spiral stays.

Designed with carbon fibre spiral stays to either side of the knee joint for sideways stabilisation.
Featuring a dual compression straps contoured multi action infinitely adjustable loop and hook to free fit at the surface or anywhere.
Designed to help relieve symptoms of chondromalacia,patellar subluxation and tendonitis,while offering medial lateral support and prevention of ligament injuries.
Cross strapping system for high levels of relief from the pressure of weight-bearing,the hyper knee support is the strong,reliable answer to weak,unstable knee problems.
The innovative high-tech material in these supports also combines breathability and compression.

Package includes:

1 X Knee Support 



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