95mm Tibetan Buddhist Chakra Yoga Resonance Singing Bowl Brass Healing Meditation Hammered Stick


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1. Suitable for meditation, music, relaxation and personal well-being.
2. Produces sacred sound of AUM and their rich sonic vibrations alter space, mind, and time.
3. The sound of the bowl awakens cellular memory and permeates the aura with healing energy.

How to use:
Put the bowl on the left hand, right hand take peach wooden handle, then lightly brush bowl edge to the lower end of the handle.

Item Type: Yoga Bowl
Bowl Material: Brass
Bowl Color: Golden
Diameter: 95mm

Weight: Approx.300g                  
Wooden Beater Size: D: About 20mm H: About 127mm

Package Included:
1 X Bowl
1 X Wooden Beater

Pure handmade, it is normal for a few scratches on the product, please think carefully before buying.

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