6Pcs Elastic Resistance Loop Bands Exercise Yoga Fitness Gym Training Tube Set


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1. Made from natural latex, light weight and easy to carry.
2. To lose weight and resistance training.
3. Perfect for doing the warm-up stretch.
4. Can effectively improve muscle, physical activity and flexibility.
5. An essential tool for fitness enthusiasts.
Item Type: Elastic Resistance Loop Bands
Material: Natural latex
Color: Pink,Red,Blue,Black,Green,Yellow
500x50x0.35mm(Pink) 3-5lbs
500x50x0.5mm(Red) 10-12lbs
500x50x0.7mm(Blue) 15-20lbs
500x50x0.9mm(Green) 25-30lbs
500x50x1.1mm(Black) 35-40lbs
500x50x1.3mm(Yellow) 45-50lbs
Package Included:
6x Elastic Resistance Loop Bands

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