30/45/60x15cm EVA Yoga Fitness Foam Roller Home Gym Massage Smooth


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30/45/60 x 15cm EVA Yoga Pilates Fitness Foam Roller Home Gym Massage Smooth Surface Red

Material: EVA
Surface: Smooth
Color: Red
Size: Three. 30x15cm, 45x15cm, 60x15cm

Made of EVA foam,Lightweight,soft to touch,rich elastic buffer,surface With Massage Smooth Surface.
The most popular pilates/yoga trainers, can also do children's sporting goods,swim rod.
Yoga column can help yoga practitioners to finish the balancing act.
Can eliminate muscle tension, and strengthen the core muscle strength and flexibility, stretching the muscles and tendons,lipid-lowering toning.
Also can break up the soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue,Self-massage and myofascial release, break trigger points, relieve tension fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation of the soft tissue.

(1).After the warm-up exercises to do yoga column.
(2).The site of the soft tissue on the bottom of the column you want to relax.
(3).Gently roll the column body, the muscles need to be trained to train.
(4).The column moved slowly from the center to the extremities of the body.
(5).If you find body parts in the column pain,maintaining that part of the action until relax.
(6).Note tight little movement or parts.
(7).Rolling several times in every part of the shaft, until you feel relaxed. Sometimes there may be some discomfort.
(8).Ensure that the shaft in the soft tissue area, rather than directly on the bone or articular.
(9).The first time the use of the foam roller is shorter, 15 minutes is sufficient.
(10).At the beginning, after a period of time to rest for a while exercising.
(11).After the workout drink plenty of water, just as the same after a body massage.
(12).If desired, a few weeks after the training time can be increased.

Package includes:
1 x EVA Yoga Pilates Foam Roller Massage


length 30cm, length 45cm (+US$4.50), length 60cm (+US$6.50)


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