3 Color Calorie Burner Pedometer Multifunctional Digital Pedometer


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The maximum step amount up to 99999 steps.
Distance measurement up to 99.999 KM / 99.999 miles.
Calories burned up to 9999.9 kcal.
Suitable for all kinds of people.
The most practical and useful device.
Unique design and beautiful appearance.
Mini size is portable and easy to carry.
Large display and 3D intelligent design.
Provided with Metric system and English system for your selection.
Advanced pedometer counts your steps,the distance you walked and how many calories you burned.
Integrates multiple functions, such as fat measurement, step counter, clock and alarm clock, etc.

Package Included:
1x Pedometer

Please don't dismounting the pedometer, except install the batteries, otherwise may affect the accuracy of the pedometer.


Color Green, Color Pink, Color Red


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